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Reg: Talend job and osgi Bundle start Error

I am using fuseesb 7.1.0 and tos for Data integration 5.4.1 version.
Projectname = example
I am able to install my bundle in fuseesb(karaf). but when i start(osgi:start). It shows following error
"Error executing command: Error starting bundles: Unable to start bundle 286: Unresolved constraint in bundle example.ControlfileLoad : Unable to resolve 286.0: missing requirement osgi.wiring.package; (osgi.wiring.package=routines.system.api)"
Talend osgi jobs only run on talendesb not in fuseesb?
Any jar(systemRoutines.jar) problem?
Any Class file problem(routines.system.api.talendjob)?
If not, how to run my bundle in fuseesb after exporting from talend?

Re: Reg: Talend job and osgi Bundle start Error

Talend Runtime(karaf) container has many features/bundles pre-installed, e.g. job-controller which used to running Data service/Route/Job exported from TOS (routines.system.api package is exported from it); Service Activity Monitoring agent (it's required when you select "use SAM" on Studio); Service Locator client (it's required when you select "use SL" on Studio); Service Registry client (it's required when you select "use Service Registry" on Studio), etc.
So generally the Talend Runtime should be used together with Talend Studio.