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Reg: Java Heap space error, Memory Allocation

Hi All,
I have a workflow in which I have 14 jobs built over an other jobs.
I am running all these job parallel using tparallel component in TIS 3.2.3.
I have machine with 4GB of RAM and 64 bit machine runs on Linux.
Inside my jobs I am using several components like tMysqlrow for update and delete operation along with tFileList.
In my 14 jobs each job has atleast one tFilelist and 5 tMysqlrow. There are few lookup's used inside these jobs but those lookup has relatively very less data and not more than 2-3 columns.
When I run my workflow I am getting java heap space error,. I have increased the memory size to -Xms 1024 to -Xmx 3072 in JVM arguments but still it doesn't help me. I also tired increasing my -Xmx to 4098 which is the maximum I have on my machine but no result. In all my inner and outer jobs I have allocated memory as -Xms 1024 to -Xmx 3072
Can I know how can I make this work. Is there any solution provided by talend.
Thanks in Advance
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Re: Reg: Java Heap space error, Memory Allocation

Where do you change the memory size? See a related 6685.
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