Reconnect on lost connection

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Reconnect on lost connection

We are using a persistent always open connection that commits data from incoming webserice. It can happen that the connection can drop so we are looking how to reconnect if this happens. Simplified job is attached into the picture but the issue here is that the if statement happens at the end of the subjob. How could we implement a recconect?
Thank you.
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Re: Reconnect on lost connection

I would suggest you use a Talend Runtime to run this job and here you can use for the database connection a pool. Database pools usually check it connections and reconnect if needed.

Re: Reconnect on lost connection

Do you want to run the job in infinite loop?
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Re: Reconnect on lost connection

jlolling: we were thinking about pools but we have just one connection that has to be established. Nevertheless pooling would probably solve this issue.
xdshi: job is used with a rest web service (tRestRequest) which is conceptually similar to an infinite loop. If I solve this problem I solve the main one.

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