Reading param context from an excel sheet

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Reading param context from an excel sheet

Hi All,


I have a job where it is taking 3 context param from an excel sheet:

1. .schema file

2. Data File

3. Output File


I was thinking if it's possible to take these 3 context from a .xls file as it is running for mutiple times.

The .xls file will have these information and there's like thousand over information and I do not want having to change the context_param manually each time.. :


Is there a way we can automate the job to take the context param from the excel sheet and run it?




Any help would be great, thanks.

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Re: Reading param context from an excel sheet

generally - yes


variant 1 - read file with Input component and connect it to tFlowToIterate

tFlowToIterate automatically store each column to the global variable.

then do all other steps as iteration. You will have a loop for each row, on each iteration you can use correspondent values with (example) (String)globalMap.get("row1.SCHEMA")


variant 2 - same but with context variable. Little more complicated. You will need to create a loop for reading file row by row and store values to context variable from single row in the iteration. But variant 1 do absolutely same tasks



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