Reading context from oracle

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Reading context from oracle

Here's the error that I see in the code
Even after copying the ojdbc14.jar to the lib folder it still has an error at
((oracle.jdbc.OracleConnection) conn_Implicit_Context_Database) in code
The job has only MS SQL connection and am doing an implicit context load through an oracle table. When I check for the schema in the implicit context load window it perfectly pulls the schema and the tables under it. But the job errors out.
When I run the job

- OracleConnection cannot be resolved
to a type
- oracle.jdbc cannot be resolved to a type
We've already raised a ticket in talend for reading context vairable from MS SQL server which does not work in talend. Now we are trying another option using oracle table which does not work either.
One thing that I can do is use tLibraryLoad and load this ojdbc14.jar before the job starts. I copied this JAR to the LIB and I dont want to change all the existing jobs to use this. What is the work around. We are using Talend MDM 5.2.2.
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Re: Reading context from oracle

It would be great to have an idea what you are trying to do. I work every day with Oracle databases and Talend and have never experienced such kind of problems.
What Talend version do you use?
Typically the driver ojdbc6.jar is needed.
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Re: Reading context from oracle

We use talend DI 5.2.2 enterprise edition.
Inside the job we don't have oracleconnections. Its MS SQL.

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