Reading Multiple Sheets Using tFileInputExcel

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Reading Multiple Sheets Using tFileInputExcel

Hello, everyone. I am new to Talend and will really appreciate your help. I am using Talend 6.3. I have one excel file having multiple sheets(Total 4 sheets) and I want to read data data from all sheets and populate it in tGreenplumpOutput if possible. I have tried using:

tGreenplumConnection -> tParallelize -> tFileInputExcel(Total 4 components for 4 sheets) -> tGreenplumOutput(Total 4 components for 4 tFileInputExcel)


The rows count is getting paused whenever I run the job. Please help me to rectify this issue or suggest me an alternative solution for this in you have any Smiley Happy .

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Re: Reading Multiple Sheets Using tFileInputExcel

I am assuming for all the 4 sheets you have same number of columns, so the schema remains same. In that case why not select the option - "All Sheets" for tFileInputExcel. So, your job would look like:

tGreenplumConnection -> on subjobok -> tFileInputExcel -> main -> tGreenplumOutput

                                                                   tFileInputExcel -> on subjob ok -> tGreenplumCommit

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Re: Reading Multiple Sheets Using tFileInputExcel

Thank you for your reply Abhishek.
All the 4 sheets are having different number of columns. So this approach will not work I guess.


Re: Reading Multiple Sheets Using tFileInputExcel

Hi Chirag,


      Could you please add tlogrow instead of Greenplum and see the result. I guess it will work fine in that case. So issue could be at the loading part to Greenplum.


       On a different note, are you trying to load the data from all sheets to same table? If you want to load Sheet1 to TableA, Sheet2 to TableB, etc. then you need to add the Sheet names in the excel input component. 


Warm Regards,


Nikhil Thampi



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Re: Reading Multiple Sheets Using tFileInputExcel

Thank you Nikhil for your reply.

I will try this alternative solution as you suggested by using tlogrow instead of greenplum.

I am loading Sheet 1 to Table A, Sheet 2 to Table B, etc.. and I have mentioned the Sheet name in the tFileInputExcel's Sheet List.

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