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Reading Mainframe File

Team, Team, I have a requirement to read the mainframe files in Talend, basically these files will be in non readable format(EBCIDIC format). The mainframe files and the respective copybooks are available, please let me know how can i read the data and process them further. Thanks in advance.
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Re: Reading Mainframe File

You can try tFileInputEBCDIC component on Talend exchange:

Here is a KB article about how to install a custom component.

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Re: Reading Mainframe File

Team, The EBCDIC components have been deprecated several version ago to be replaced by Talend Data Mapper. Currently we are using Talend Big Data Platform 6.2.1. So i need help on the below items, 1) Read the COBOL copybook and generate the structures. 2) Using the structure generated, how to read the mainframe file. I'm not sure if the above steps are right, correct me if we have an alternate approach. If you could explain this entire process using a example it would be highly helpful for our team.

Re: Reading Mainframe File

You need to use TDM.  We have a Cobol Lab in our TDM training.  It is a good way to get started.  It has a ramping up curve.  You may need 2 - 3 days just to get familiar with TDM, go through the training, and then do your use-case.


Generally, you need to create all the structures you need in TDM.  It depends on your copybook structure.  And if it is a hierarchy of structures, you may need to build that first, then build a master structure in TDM.  Then map the elements to your target.