Reading EBCDIC Files


How do I read EBCDIC files?



The EBCDIC component family has been deprecated since Talend version 5.6 and has been merged in with Talend Data Mapper in the newer versions of Talend.


You need to use a combination of Talend Data Mapper and a standard job.


  1. In TDM (Talend Data Mapper), create your structure to match and read your EBCDIC file, and complete your mappings for the output there.

  2. Use a standard DI job to load in the EBCIDIC file, and use a tFileInputRaw component to pass the input file to a tHMap component, which should be linked and referenced to your structure.

  3. Output the flow from the tHMap to an output file using a tFileOutputRaw component.

    For more information, see Scenario 3 under the tHMap component in the Talend Help Center.


Talend also offers a hands-on training from the Training Administration Team, listed under TDM (Talend Data Mapper). Contact your Customer Success Manager to obtain the training.

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