Read mongoDB request

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Read mongoDB request


i want to read mongoDB request but it don't work, i have errors.

The mongoDB request is aggregate type and complex :


{"$match" :{billrun:"201707", type:"flat"}},
{"$group" :{
"_id":{"billrun" : "$billrun", "compte" : "$aid", "service" :"$sid"},
"compte": {"$max":"$aid"},
"totalAmount":{"$sum":"$aprice"} }},
{$project :{_id:1, "facture":'$billrun', "compte":'$compte', "service":"$service","totalAmount":'$totalAmount'}}]).map(function(doc){
return( doc.facture + ";" + doc.compte + ";" + doc.service + ";" + doc.totalAmount );

the request, in RoboMongo, returns a result like this : 



job is easy : tMongoDBConnection(it work) ---> tMongoDBInput(error) ---> tLogRow

For surrond strings with single quotes, how can i write whitout error my request ? I tried this : but it dont work.


The request in "Aggregation Stages tab" line is :

"{'$match' :{billrun:'201707', type:'flat'}},{'$group' :{'_id':{'billrun' : '$billrun', 'compte' : '$aid', 'service' :'$sid'},'billrun':{'$max':'$billrun'},'compte': {'$max':'$aid'},'service':{'$max':'$sid'},'totalAmount':'$sum':'$aprice'} }},{$project :{_id:1, 'facture':'$billrun', 'compte':'$compte', 'service':'$service','totalAmount':'$totalAmount'}}"

I have "Index cannot be resolved", "syntax error on tokens, delete these tokens"


schema of tMongoDbInput component is : 

facture (dBColumn : facture) (string)

compte (dBColumn :compte) (string)

service (dBColumn :service) (string)

totalAmount(dBColumn :totalAmount) (string)







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Could you please post your component setting screenshots on forum which will be helpful for us to address your issue.

Please mask your sensitive data.

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Re: Read mongoDB request




a screenshoot Smiley Happy