Re-run ETL job in TAC

Re-run ETL job in TAC

I am using Talend Administrator Console (TAC) to schedule and execute jobs created in Talend Enterprise Big Data. My query, is there any option which can be used in TAC to rerun a job in case of an error.
Say an error occurs, same job must run after 40 minutes of error's occurrence. It should be able to keep retrying till the point job successfully completes or maybe run 'n' number of times in case of failure.
Right now me and my team have not found any such option, so we are designing jobs to find failed job from log and rerun them. But its within the job, we need such option to in TAC.
Any suggestions?
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Re: Re-run ETL job in TAC

there is no such option in TAC. But why someone wants to re-run the failed job for n number of times without resolving the error. For eg: if the job failed with table or view doesnt exist, then what is purpose of having it run for n number of times ? 

Re: Re-run ETL job in TAC

Say during first attempt, job doesn't find connection to respective server or database. I mean some reasons for job's failure can be external. At least re-run feature might help running jobs in this situation.

Re: Re-run ETL job in TAC

Did you try using the 'execution plan' to define an alternative when your job fails?


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