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Quickbooks QODBC Connection to Talend

Hi all,
QuickBooks Enterprise comes with a tool called QODBC that enables connecting to a QB database to read and write data.  I have installed it, and I can successfully see QB data by connecting with Excel.
I am attempting to be able to read data in Talend Open Studio 5.4.1 by using the Generic ODBC connector.  I can get a successful connection message when setting up the database connection, but when retrieving the schema to see the tables, it shows with no tables. There are no errors or any other indication - just no table listing.

Has anyone used TOS with QODBC, and if so, how I can I retrieve the schema to be able to use tables in a Talend job?
Thanks in advance,
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Re: Quickbooks QODBC Connection to Talend

I would suggest you to please query table directly instead of loading tables.
For Example:
select * from customer
Raise a support ticket :
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Re: Quickbooks QODBC Connection to Talend

Hi Jack,
Thank you - that did it!  I created the database connection, but couldn't retrieve the schema.  Used a tDBInput component, and used a SELECT query.  Clicked on "Guess Schema", and it brought it in just fine.
I appreciate your help.