Question regarding integration with SAP S4HANA version 1809

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Question regarding integration with SAP S4HANA version 1809

I'm an SAP consultant working with a client looking to leverage Talend as their integration platform.  When I read through the documentation I see that it mentions Talend supports integration to SAP R/3, but no mention of supporting integrations with S/4 HANA version 1809.  Could someone point me to a product availability matrix that details supported version of SAP?


Also, I see that Teland supports IDOCS coming into and out of SAP and it mentions that it pushes the IDOC to SAP in an XML format.  Is there any support for pushing IDOC in a flat file format and not in XML format?  Also, does anyone know if Talend supports calling a SProxy in SAP?  Will Talend allow me to expose/consume an Odata service from SAP through Talend, so SAP is not directly communicating with other systems and all traffic is pushed through Talend?


I'm sorry for the long list of questions, I'm just trying to figure out how to approach the technical estimates from the SAP side.


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Re: Question regarding integration with SAP S4HANA version 1809


SAP s4 is supported on release 1511, 1610, 1709

So far, we are already leveraging Hana 2.0 in talend v 7.1.

Here is online documentation about:TalendHelpCenter: Supported systems, databases and business applications by Talend components

Feel free to create a new feature jira issue on talend bug tracker on talend bug tracker.

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