Question on external modules

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Question on external modules

I have a question on using custom components.


Let's say I install the Amazon Redshift JDBC driver (which does not ship with Talend Studio by default). I then use the tRedshiftRow component in one of my jobs. When I deploy the job, do I also need to make sure that the Amazon Redshift JDBC driver is installed on the server too? Or is it included in the Talend job when I deploy it?


I an a Talend newbie and I am in the process of researching various scenarios.


Thank you.


Re: Question on external modules


Which server do you want to use? Nexus server or job conductor?

If you publish the job script from studio to nexus server, the dependency custom component will be export also. In Job conductor, add tasks from nexus.

You add custom components to a local folder first. Then, you point Studio to that folder via Window/Preferences/Talend/Components -> User component folder. Here's where you set the path to your user component folder. Once you build the job, the required code is included in the archive file. Up to this point, Nexus has nothing to do with that, it is only involved in storing the job builds. 

When commandline runs on a seperate (remote) machine, you need to make sure that the custom components are shared  across the project.

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