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Question of pratice : Excel File with macro : Xlsm



I would have file Output in excel with macro : xlsm but Talend can't write in xlsm with fileOutputExcel.


So, i try with : 



But, when i try open file xlsm, i have this error : 

Impossible to open the file because its format or its extension is not valid. Verify that the file is not damaged and that its extension corresponds well to the format of the file.


So, i verify if it is "xlsm" and yes. 

I don't know why i can't open this file.

In the meantime, I work with a file xlsx with macro in another file xlsm.


Thnaks in advance


Re: Question of pratice : Excel File with macro : Xlsm


Here exists a new feature jira issue:

Best regards


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