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Question about Talend Code Generation

I read some topics on the forum. And I have some questions.
1. The job will be generated to Java files and then compile and executed, right? How does the java file was generated?
2. I see that Talend can work with Perl, but I don?t know how, my jobs will always generate java files. How to make the job be generated as Perl?
3. Can we customize that the job can be generated to other language? Like C, C++ or C#? What I mean is with some coding work (like plug-in or change Talend source code) can we provide such code generator to generate the Talend job to the target language we want?
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Re: Question about Talend Code Generation

1. Talend Studio is a Java code generator, all the components are written with javajet templates, you can find the source file of component in <Talend Studio installation path>\plugins\org.talend.designer.components.localprovider_5.1.1.r84309\components\.
2. In v4.2, Perl is hidden b default, you need to active it and create a Perl project. Follow these steps:
2.1. Go to <Talend Studio installation path>\plugins\org.talend.resources.perl_4.2.x.rxxxxxx\resources.
Open the file and edit it as follows:
2.2. Save the file and launch Talend Studio.
Since v5.0, Talend Open Studio for Data Integration no longer supports Perl. See Jira issue TDI-17310 for more information. If you have a subscription to an older version, you will still receive support for your Perl projects as long as your version continues to be supported.
3. No, it only support Java language.
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Re: Question about Talend Code Generation

Hi Shong,
For the third item, I didn't make it clear. what I mean is that does Talend support customized plug-in (developed by us) to generate the code?
For example, I have a plug-in (code generator) and we can make Talend call this plug-in to generate code with the language we want.
Can Talend support this?