Quarter month loop

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Quarter month loop

I want to make DT  loop thrice each quarter for all 3 months in the previous quarter. In other words, when runs on 4th calendar day  it should produce data for Jan, Feb and Mar . How can i achieve running job every quarter month

select col 1 , col2 from table A 
WHERE(DT1 >=  '2018-12-01' AND DT<=  '2018-12-31')
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Re: Quarter month loop

why donot you use database property

to run same query in tloop(i)

select xxxx where DT = add_months(sysmonth ,-i)

write in a separate file in each time.

to schecule this quaterly you can use cron trigger on jon conductor
Abhishek KUMAR
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Re: Quarter month loop

Yes i tried using database to get dates but i am unable to filter in tmap using context variable as below 


!row4.INDATE.before("context.FIRST_DAY_OF_1ST_QUARTER") &&


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