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Qpid - AMQP to Azure Service Bus - Unknown endpoint Transfer

I created a route to consume messages from an Azure Service Bus topic using AMQP 1.0. However, I am getting the following error when receiving the messages:


Unknown endpoint Transfer{handle=0,deliveryId=1,deliveryTag=#\xa39\x11\x88y\xabE\x8d,G\x9f:\xd8\x00\xce,messageFormat=0,more=false,batchable=true}


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!



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Re: Unknown endpoint Transfer - Azure Service Bus - AMQP

Unknown endpoint... could be many things.
First check if you are able to connect to your azure endpoint within the portal.
Second, I strongly suggest you use a (easy functioning) client to test if the queue is up and running (but check the portal) and you are able to consume and if needed produce to a topic and/or create topics.

Make sure you use the correct byte conversion and make no typos.... there's a ,G which look odd: deliveryTag=#\xa39\x11\x88y\xabE\x8d ,G \x9f:\xd8\x00\xce
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Re: Unknown endpoint Transfer - Azure Service Bus - AMQP

Thanks Dijke! It is connecting to Azure OK. I also used Service Bus Explorer to manually connect and receive messages. Therefore, that is all working ok. The issue seems to be how Talend is pulling the body of the message.


I found this issue report which sounds similar. Is there anyway to use the new version of Qpid in Talend ESB?