Qlikview and Talend

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Qlikview and Talend

Qlikview business intelligence software is gaining audience in enterprises.
Does Talend plan to support such platform ( qlikview data files target components )?
Would be very useful to direct produce qlikview optimized data files in the contest of an ETL process.
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Re: Qlikview and Talend

Thanks for your information, I will noitfy this topic to our colleagues and discuss it.
Best regards
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Re: Qlikview and Talend

Qlikview is very powerful data analysis platform and I'm glad that is earning Talend attention; including some support in Talend will surely be a nice move.
FYI Qlikview is closed source but QVD files (Qlikview data files optimized for loading) are XML with data in bitstuffed format.
Actually Qlikview app file include also an ETL script to be used for data loading; so at present from Talend is it possibile to produce a ie. text file(s) and then invoke QV .EXE in batch mode to fetch such text files; but allowing talend to direct produce QVD files would greatly enhance the speed of loading and streamline the flow.

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Re: Qlikview and Talend

At the end the QV API will be used to load data from a flat file and loaded ist to QVD Container. I could no imagine that its possible to build this format from an third party application as it is a binary format. This will bring extra extra time gap to your data flow and hence will not improve your speed.
There are some QVD connectors for Informatica Power Center and I think they work that way.
But instead of QVD files Qliktech introduced the QVX file format for for that purpose:
"Many systems can run processes to export data into several formats such as CSV or Excel.
A QVX file is a file format similar to an XML file that is optimized for rapid loading of data into
QlikView. The definition of how to build a QVX file is well documented to allow a third party
developer to use an API to build a QVX containing data. QlikView then consumes QVX files
when loading data. This essentially uses QVX to ?Push? data out to QlikView. The benefit of
using QVX files is that data loading times are made much shorter."
Maybe its worth to spend some time to that...
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Re: Qlikview and Talend

Any news to this topic
Best Regards fireskyer 


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