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[ Pushing context variables into tREST using tJavaRow]

We are trying to append this ID from the CSV file and push it to tREST using context variables
The context variable value is read and set using --> tFileInputDelimited_1 -> tJavaRow_1- see Diagram 1

tJavaRow_1 has been coded to READ from the csv and insert the orgId into context variable "temp" (see diagram 2)

Note that the columns ARE sync'ed up and there is a DEFAULT VALUE OF ZERO that is set in the context as well (see diagram 3)

In the final step I try to APPEND the value read from the CSV into tREST (see diagram 4)

But that gives me THIS error (see diagram 5) - tREST does NOT recognize output_row.

Any ideas so as to what might be causing this ?
Also it turns out I cannot set an "OnComponentOK" link between tJavaRow and tREST (see diagram 6 )
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Re: [ Pushing context variables into tREST using tJavaRow]

The reason is because there is no output component for tJavaRow.
So you'd better delete the first line in tJavaRow.
output_row.orgId = input_row.orgId;

Then the job works fine.