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Pulling data from Couchbase to CSV

Hi all,

My company has invested in a Couchbase infrastructure for our NoSQL document storage. It works great. We want to pull bulk data out of Couchbase to merge with other data sets we have (Oracle, back office business systems, etc). The easiest way for us is CSV because we can load it anywhere.

So what we want is simple...

  • Point some tool at our Couchbase server.
  • Specify the bucket we want to read.
  • Specify a list of JSON fields we want. (Probably as dot notation, for example)
  • Possibly specify a date range.
  • Dump the Couchbase data to a flat CSV disk file.

Can one of the Talend products do this? Which one? How much does it cost?


Chuck Connell

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Re: Pulling data from Couchbase to CSV

Talend Open Studio for Big Data is what you are looking for.
Community edition for free (including Couchbase connector).
Ask Talend for Subscription edition pricing.

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Re: Pulling data from Couchbase to CSV

Thank you. I will look into this.