Proxy by pass ignored

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Proxy by pass ignored

my TOS installation ignores proxy by pass.
This problem occour with last version (6.2.1) and previuoses (since I remember).
My company use proxy. I setted correctly in network preference (I can download third library and so), wirh manual option. In native it does not recognizes correctly proxy because we use proxy pac script.
With proxy, TOS is unable to connect to my DB Server (create a new connection in metadata ends with time out  error).
If I change network preference to native, connection is done.
I tried:
- db server name (exactly same in connection)
- db server ip
- ip class (which form is required? or 10.120.180.* or ...)
- db server name fully qualified
I opened a new JIRA case: TDI-36983
If someone has suggestions or ideas what to do.....

Re: Proxy by pass ignored

Could you please alsp post your network connection setting screenshot into forum? How did you set proxy entries and proxy bypass?
Best regard
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Re: Proxy by pass ignored

Hi Sabrina,
this is network preference screenshot:

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