Proper Filemask for tFTPPut

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Proper Filemask for tFTPPut


  I have an issue with my design and need some guidance with my tFTPPut configuration. This is what I have setup right now in Designer. 
Capture.JPGWhat I'm doing now (or trying to do) is get the list of files (*.*) from the source FTP server using tFTPFileList. Then I'm using tFTPGet to download all of the files to a local network directory. So far, this is working fine. Then I use tFTPPut to take those files from the local network directory and put them on the destination FTP server. Lastly, I delete the files from the source FTP server. Here is my problem: 

1. I need to run this about every hour and I will constantly have a random number of new files coming in from the source FTP server. When tFTPPut executes, I need it to just grab the new files from the local directory that have imported since the last script run and move them to the destination FTP server. I think I can do this with Filemasking, but I don't know what to use. I can't afford to miss a file. These are electronic purchase orders that are being sent in to our ERP system. Can anyone recommend a solution for this? 


2. I created several contexts for my subdirectory paths on the local and FTP servers. When I run the script with the contexts entered in the local and remote directory fields I always get an FTP 550 Error stating that there is no such file or folder. I don't know why this happens or how to correct it. Right now I have to enter the path in the fields as a workaround. This works, but I'd like to understand what I'm doing wrong with the contexts. Has anyone else run into this problem and what did you do to resolve it? 

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Re: Proper Filemask for tFTPPut



1 :- you can use the Filemask to get the latest for the particular hourly based file using below one in file masking.




2:-if i understand correctly when you use context for the folder name you were getting  FTP 550 error and when you hard code working fine right,which means you context value ,which you specified that folder structure is not present in FTP location or might not have access to fetch file from that ftp location.

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