Production level use of tRESTClient

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Production level use of tRESTClient

Hi all,

I have used and using tRESTClient for all my API calls. Yet, I haven't found:


1) How to get rid of "SocketTimeoutException"?

I advanced settings it is advised to see the "Doc" for configuring runtime connection timeout. Which "doc" ? Please, can I have the answer in this thread (I am not the only one stumbling with this) instead of pointing to obscure link telling about everything but the answer?


2) How to catch exceptions in this component.

I'm using tJavaFlex in all my projects but I find this solution "not the Talend way".  How to use tLogCatcher & co. in this particular situation? For the test, we can make a GET request to an unexisting URL and see what happens.


NOTE: my job is exported as standalone


Thanks in advance for your time. 

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Re: Production level use of tRESTClient

Im using cUrl... I did use a lot of tRestClient ... cookies, oAuth2, certificates, etc...
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Re: Production level use of tRESTClient

Hi Dijke, Could you please share us your experience? I guess you use the tSystem component to call curl from the shell, isn't it ? Do you mean tRestClient is not a viable solution for real world applications ?

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Re: Production level use of tRESTClient

Yes, tSystem and catch the stdout.
Not every scenario, but for the majority the tRestClient component is fine and will suit your need and is perfectly viable. Redirecting, oAuth, ssl certificates and cookies resulted in to much of a hazle.

With cUrl Im in full control of my requests no limitations or workarounds.

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