Production deployment of ETL jobs

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Production deployment of ETL jobs

According to the Documentation (ETL Admistrative GUIDE for 5.6.2), it refers to a component called Talend Resource Manager to move and promote the ETL jobs from QA/DEV environments to Production. We could not trace that component or options with the ETL 5.6.2 Installation. 
We want to do a no SVN mode of deployment of Jobs to Production Environment, how do we do this? 

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Re: Production deployment of ETL jobs

It is Talend Repository Manager which used to migrate ETL jobs between different environments, this application is only available in Talend subscription product. With community version, you have to export manually the job items or job script in Talend Studio. Right click on the Job design in studio, and select 'export items' option to export the job items or select 'build job' to export the job script.
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