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Processing tbl records using tLoop tWhile tFlowToIterate & Calling SP

I am working on one data integration project and I have already designed my Job Design. Using below steps:
a. Select DelimitedFile ctrl and connect it to filter.
b. Then it will have 2 controls good/bad records.
c. Bad records will be routed to badfile.txt file.
d. Good records (Not null for mandatory fields) -> TMapFilter (for preparing record to pass to OOB).
e. For Good records will have lookup values (domainname) check these in TMap.
f. In TMap select the sequence ID value for SP_company_ins
g. Set other values similarly.
h. Pass these values to ?LoopingRecordsForOOB? ctrl.
i. Call the ?SP_Company_InsCall? ctrl to execute the value.
j. Then Commit the values.
In this in step H I am expecting that tFlowToIterate will loop thru the records and it will have current values in scope/context. Then I can pass those to ?SP_Company_InsCall? ctrl and insert to DB table. Currently this process is not working and after H rcords r in rows object only. Pls let me know which control I should use to loop thru the records and process it further to Stored Procedure.
I am attaching image of my job design.