Processing csv file to Postgres

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Processing csv file to Postgres



I have a csv file (attached) to load in my db table and I have this requirement based on a specific field:


In my CSV:

if field code_operator1=BETWEEN_START must exist code_operator2=BETWEEN_END

The problem is that in my Table I have only one field code_operator, instead in cvs I have code_operator1 and code_operator2. How can I insert code_operator2 after code_operator1 in the database column (code_operator)?

I have the same issue for code_entity and attr_value fields.


In need to find a way to insert data in my Table as follow:


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Re: Processing csv file to Postgres



as variant - read file twice ind insert into database


uid - Numeric.sequence("s1",1,2)
code_operator - code_operator1
code_entity - code_entity1
attr_value - attr_value1



and second time:

uid - Numeric.sequence("s1",2,2)
code_operator - code_operator2
code_entity - code_entity2
attr_value - attr_value2

in this case, you will keep sequence for rows, BETWEEN_END will follow after BETWEEN_START


possible there are other solutions could be there


regards, Vlad


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