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Process running in background that filled FileSystem

I'm new to Talend Studio and I've recently discovered an issue with my project.
The FileSystem on the server where talend is installed is full because of a process running in the background. En fact, this process filled a log file due to a FileSystemException catch by Java (as chown in the 1st image).
I checked the log file and I've only seen this java exception, nothing else.
When I look at the "top" command, there was a process running for a while, that consume over 80% of the CPU... (as chown in the 2nd image). After killing this process, everything was back to normal...
Do you have any idea about this issue ?
I've read somewhere that, if there is an exception caught, the process is duplicated. The first one end sucessfully while the second run in background to warn the developer that there has been a problem (and filled a log file), so he have to check the data received or something else.
Is that true ? Is there any solution ?
If you want any additional information do not hesitate to ask.
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Re: Process running in background that filled FileSystem

Could you please indicate on which build version you got this issue?
We can't see the screenshot on our side. Could you attach it again on the forum, please? That would be great.
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Re: Process running in background that filled FileSystem

Yeah, sorry I could not upload images in the message (don't know why ...), everytime I pressed "Preview" button, images weren't in the message... So I sent you link of those image in my drive... (tell me if it works or not).
And the build version is : Talend Data Integration - Version: 6.1.1 - Build id: 20151214_1327
Best regards. 
Image 1 :
Image 2 :
(and sorry again, "Insert Link" doesn't works either...)