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Process multiple Files with different schemas

Hello all,

maybe this issue has shown up before but for me i didnt find the right answer.So here we go. I try to explain as simple as possible what iam looking for. And for sure this is no rocket science Smiley Happy

Ok, I have different incomming Datafiles, some are .xls some are .xlsx and some .csv oder edifact or .xml etc. etc.

They all have different schemas.

Now i want to itterate over this "heap" of Files.

Each time I start processing a single File i want to "look" into a DB Table or .txt file or where ever i can store  information whith wich Schema this particular FIles has to be processed.

As an Identifier i want to use the Filename or maybe the EmailSender if this has come by email. Any suggestions?


Thank u all!!


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Re: Process multiple Files with different schemas

PS: offcourse i will use different tfileinputs for .csv and .xml and .xlsx

Re: Process multiple Files with different schemas


Maybe you can load your multiple Files with different schemas into tables firstly and then extracting data from DB tables through t<DB>Input component.

Here is a dynamic schema feature in talend subscription version which allows you to design schema with an unknown column structure (unknown name and number of columns).

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