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Problems with tReplicate and tUnite

i'm trying to do some analysis with a job in Talend.
For checking into the calculations done by talend i want to dump the rawdata during the different steps of the calculation into different files.
For a first test of the tunite i wanted to create a flow like this:
The whole filter part and writing to files works fine. Of course the sense is not really recognisable from that process right now. But anyways my Problem is that all three FileOutput Delimited have exactly the same schema but still the tUnite Component doesn't accept more than one Input of those files. If File 1 is connected there is no chance of connecting 2 or 3 to the component.
My second Problem is that i wanted to use tReplicate to use the lookup Database in different tMap Components. But tReplicate only allows me to connect one Replication to one single tMap component.

Re: Problems with tReplicate and tUnite

Hi cwolber,
The tUnite in your job won't accept the link because cycles (loop flows) aren't allowed in jobs.
Your second problem is similar, it's the same for tReplicate.
To reuse a lookup, you can have a look at tHashInput and tHashOutput.
It will enable you to init once a tHashOutput with the content of your lookup (so the source is only read once), and use it many times with a tHashInput then.
To find these components, you have to go to File > Edit Project Properties > Designer > Palette Settings to enable them.