Problems using Postgres ELT

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Problems using Postgres ELT

I'm trying to use Postgres ELT components, but i am getting some errors. The main error is because i have some tables that were created using upper case and others using lower case, for example:
TABLE_TEST and table_test_02.
The problem is that Postgres is case sensitive and when Talend tries to send the query to database, postgres does not recognize the table name. So the solution is use quotes in the table name, for example, instead i use:
select * from TABLE_TEST
I have to use
select * from "TABLE_TEST"
But i cannot put quote manually inside table name in Talend.
Does anyone knows how can i do this? Or anyone has passed for the same problem?
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Re: Problems using Postgres ELT

If you create metadata->DB Connection->Postgres, you will find out that the query of tPostgresqlInput is like this.
FROM \"test\".\"public\".\"DU\""

Add '\' in front of quote.