Problems creating SAAJ object model

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Problems creating SAAJ object model

I have a problem with component tESBConsumer. Time by time error "Problems creating SAAJ object model" appears. I checked the incoming data is valid, although I am not provider of the web service. My theory is the bigger responses tend to throw error more often, but I am not 100% sure because it is nearly impossible to replicate the error. If I call the web service all over again, Talend processes the response correctly eventually. One interesting point - I tried to obtain the data via SOAPUI, create simple camel route returning XML from SOAPUI and call this route via tESBConsumer and everything was ok.
This is the settings of my component:
Authentication enabled, Use Business Correlation enabled, Die on Error enabled. Everything else unchecked.

Any ideas what could be the cause of the problems?

Re: Problems creating SAAJ object model

On which build version you got this issue? Could you please post the whole job screenshot into forum? Does it work without using any context value in your component?
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