Problems SAP Hana connection

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Problems SAP Hana connection



I use Talend Open Studio 6.4.1, and I try to create my first Hana-job. I am used to using Mysql with tMysqlInput and metat-data connectors and now I would like to do the same with SAP Hana. I therefore created a DB-Connection and did use the automatic shema generation as one can see below.


When I now try to do a drag n' drop it just tells me "Can't drag & drop to create node.", when I do the same with the Mysql connector I can easily choose the component I wan't. I have the same problem when using easer the connection itself or any of the shemas.




Now I did try to manually add a new SAPConnection from the palette, but here I am unable to select the "Meta-Data connection" defined previously ...




Using tSAPInput, I can use the tSAPConnection from the palette, but no link to the Meta-Data connection.


What I find even more confusing is the fact I cannot create a query in tSAPInput, but which I can do with tSAPBWInput, but with this one I am unable to use any database-connection  ...






Finally I have no idea on how to correctly work with Hana-databases in Talend ...


Re: Problems SAP Hana connection


With talend open studio, there is no metadata for SAP connection.

For more information, please take a look at document about:TalendHelpCenter:Centralizing SAP metadata


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Re: Problems SAP Hana connection



Thanks for your reply. So you mean, it does not work with the "Open" version, but only with the "full" version?


I see you use "talend data fabric", what is the difference to "talend open studio for data integration"?


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