Problem with tFileOutputExcel

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Problem with tFileOutputExcel

Hi all,
I am having a problem with tFileOutputExcel. I want to output a date (from tAccessInput)- but when I attempt to do this, I get the following error:
"wf_tFileOutputExcel_1 cannot be resolved:
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.Error: Unresolved compilation problem:
wf_tFileOutputExcel_1 cannot be resolved
at cms_project.teme_0_1.Teme.tAccessInput_1Process(
at cms_project.teme_0_1.Teme.runJobInTOS(
at cms_project.teme_0_1.Teme.main("
I am fairly new to Talend and am unsure of how to resolve this.
However, when i use a tLogRow instead of the tFileOutputExcel, the output is correct.
Please help - much appreciated!
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Re: Problem with tFileOutputExcel

Please see the generated code and go to the line which creates compilation error and hope you can solve thr problem.
To see the code please click on the tab that appears at the right hand side of the "Designer' tab in the design pane of TOS.
Thanks and Regards,
Pravu Mishra.
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Re: Problem with tFileOutputExcel

Thanks! I have just worked it out - I did the following:
This resolves my problem - but there is still one question for me which is: Do all fields on a tFileOutputExcel always have to be String on the relevant schema? My jobs always throw errors when I attempt to use anything other than String...
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Re: Problem with tFileOutputExcel

In case of Excel I feel it as always better to have string type for all the output columns.
Date and decimal formats by Excel creates problem.
Thanks and Regards,
Pravu Mishra.
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Re: Problem with tFileOutputExcel

U have to specify a date format, in the schema u send to Excel because Excel mixes data and their display.
If U don't, u should get this kind of Exception :
Exception in component tFileOutputExcel_1
java.lang.RuntimeException: Date pattern must be set for column dateNaissance in the schema of component tFileOutputExcel_1!
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Re: Problem with tFileOutputExcel

Morbo, even when I do this, I get the 'wf_tFileOutputExcel_1 cannot be resolved' error. I am using TOS 3.0.4
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Re: Problem with tFileOutputExcel

All, I have now worked out why i was getting the 'wf_tFileOutputExcel_1 cannot be resolved' error. Having checked the Java (and not being a Java expert by any means) I managed to work out that it is because within tFileOutputExcel, the font format was set to none. Therefore, when it compiles, it fails.
For a newbie, this is baffling (I have wasted a lot of time trying to work it out). Can I make a suggestion that a default is set on the actual tFileOutputExcel so that this error does not occur?


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