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Problem with bean libraries in cBean

i'm using Open Studio 5.1.2 and have a problem with using Java libraries in the cBean (Mediation Perspective).
I created a new bean and used the option "Edit Bean Libraries" to import the necessary libs.
But when i want to use the classes the code editor complains that the type can not be resolved.
I tried including the bean in a route and exporting it, the resulting .kar file doesn't contain any reference to my libs.
When i tried using the manual project settings and added the libs, the editor stopped complaining for a short while, but after some time the libs are removed from the project settings again. Also this just fixed the problem with the editor and not for the route, because the libs weren't included anyway.
Any help appreciated

Re: Problem with bean libraries in cBean

Yes, the Bean and cBean should be improved to fix this kind of problem, maybe give it a try to using cConfig component?