Problem with a table copy with Dynamic schema

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Problem with a table copy with Dynamic schema

Hello everybody !


I'm trying to simply copy a table from a MS SQL Server database to another, using the Dynamic column type. 


Source is a v11

Destination is a V12


Error message is "the implicit conversion from Varchar to Varbinary is not allowed" (sorry if the translation is not perfect)

Since I'm using the same Dynamic type on both sides, I don't see why the types would not match. And I  used this Dynamic type on plenty of other transfers without any problem. But maybe never from this source. Did any of you have the same problem ? To create the destination table manually with some column conversion is quite time consuming (loooots of columns), the Dynamic trick is great to avoid editing the transfer each time a column is modified. So it would be great to be able to use it. 

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Re: Problem with a table copy with Dynamic schema



Try to use the convert function during select. Eg.


Where you change the second parameter with appropriate column name. Hope it helps.




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Re: Problem with a table copy with Dynamic schema

hi Lojdr


Thank you for your answer ! 


But the thing is that i'm using the Dynamic column solution, to avoid specifying the columns each time (so i'm just adding one "Dynamic" type column, on both ends). It's great to avoid editing the job each time a table is edited. Otherwise I'm indeed converting the data for tables with more specific columnbs, and it's working well. 

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Re: Problem with a table copy with Dynamic schema

did you ever find a solution on this one? Im doing pretty much the same thing. using a dynamic column to pull from mssql to a flat file and for some tables it gives conversion errors.

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