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Problem with Toracleoutput : insert or update option

Hi everyone, I use TOS3
I have a little problem with the component tOracleOutput, my subjob is very simple:
tDelimitedFile ----tMap----tOracleOutput----tOracleCommit

The tOracleOutput and the tOracleInput use the same table on my ORACLE
In fact, I want to simply update or insert information from my delimited file.
tOracleOutput option "Insert or update" >>> The update work greatly, but i can't insert information, there is no error for TOS, for him all is great, but in my database i didn't receive the new rows.
tOracleOutput option "Update" >>> same thing
tOracleOutput option "Update or insert" >>> same thing
tOracleOutput option "Insert" >>> My table receive all information in double.
can you help me to understand?