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Problem with MsAccess connexion

Hi everyone,
I'am trying to connect my Ms access DataBase to Talend, i had this issue :
Caused by : net.ucanaccess.jdbc.UcanaccessSQLException : Decoding not supported. Please choose a CodecProvider which supports reading the current database encoding.
I guess that this is an issue about the 64bit ODBC ? how can i fixe that ? or how can i install the new drives ?
FYI : i can't switch my pc to 32bits. 
My configuration :
- Win8 64Bits.
- Talend Studio 6.2.1 64bit.
- Ms-Access 2013 (.accdb ).

Re: Problem with MsAccess connexion

Can you connect to your Access  successfully through client without using Talend tool?
Best regards
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Re: Problem with MsAccess connexion

Hi guys,
the Access database is likely encrypted and password protected, yet it's possible (and simple) the integration between UCanAccess and Talend  for these cases too.
You will have to add some more jar and configure UCanAccess/Jackcess to read encrypted db. Nothing difficult.
I'm Marco Amadei and I'm both a Talend user and the UCanAccess author, so should you(Talend team) need an helping hand, please let me know.