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Problem to get a file from SFTP

When I try to get a file which is in link directory on a SFTP server, I have this message :
Exception in component tFTPGet_1
4: Can't change directory: /aaa/bbb/
The bbb directory is not realy a directory, it is a link.
I can't change nothing on this sftp.
Any ideas to resolve this problem ?

Re: Problem to get a file from SFTP

Could you show us your job screenshot so that we can see your component setting of tFTPget and find where is wrong, thanks.
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Re: Problem to get a file from SFTP

3 days ago my job worked, but now, a directory in the sftp became a link and my job does not work.
This error becomes when I use the tftpGet component.
This component execute a "cd" command whatever happens, and this command crash !!
I try to keep the "remote directory" parameter empty, but the compilation does not work.
So, I have found a java code which substitute the tftpget component.