Problem to delete data with tMicrosoftCrmOutpout

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Problem to delete data with tMicrosoftCrmOutpout

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I come with a problem about the component  tMicrosoftCrmOutpout.

I try to delete  all my data  in my table invoice  on my microsoft CRM but i already have an error about  ID not define.


My connection is working because when i try to get data (with tMicrosoftCrmInput) i receive all my invoice table data ( 15000 rows) .

I create a main row  to microsoftCrmOutpout with delete parameter but  i receive this error





How delete work with microsoftCrm ? i don't find anything  on google


Re: Problem to delete data with tMicrosoftCrmOutpout


From your screenshot, you got some compile errors.

Could you please check your "Code" tab in your job to see if there will be your compile error highlighted in red line? What's JDK version are you using?

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Re: Problem to delete data with tMicrosoftCrmOutpout

Thank for your reply  xdshi,


this is  the error in get in code


And in my  outpout component I try to get this row1.Id  but  i don't see it. 

In primary key I only  have invoicenumber




 I have java 1.8.0_181



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