Problem Data-Mapping: XML to CSV via tMap

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Problem Data-Mapping: XML to CSV via tMap

Hello community,
I got a problem by running my FIRST integration job via TOSDI. What I want to do:
I want to map a XML-File (which was exported out of system A) to a pre-defined CSV-File/Schema (which is the import file for system B).
What I did by so far:
1. I created the meta-data for both files
2. I moved both meta-data out of the repository into my workspace via drag-and-drop
3. Then I moved the tMap-components out of the pallet into the workspace
4. I connected the three components
5. I opend the tMap-Editor and made the mapping
6. Finally I run the job but there is no output made to the CSV-File "ImportArticleMasterDataList"

Where is my fault?
I'm sure you need more information?
No problem, just tell me what u need.
Thank you so much

Re: Problem Data-Mapping: XML to CSV via tMap

Your job design is fine. Can you get output data by using tfileinputxml-->tlogrow?
Could you please check out "Die on error" option on component tfileinputxml to see if there is any error message printed on console?
Best regards
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