Postgresql bulk import copy

Hi !
We are trying to import data from a file with the postgresql bulk component.
It fails because the copy command need superuser privilege (on postgresql). Does someone know how this command has been implemented ? There is indeed the copy command as OS command and the copy statement as psql statement. I think that the plugin uses the OS one and if it is so does anybody know why ?
From postgresql side :
#\copy ...........
does not require superuser privilege but only GRANT INSERT on the table to wirte in.
Is there another way to bulk import respecting basic security policies ?
Thanks for you help

Re: Postgresql bulk import copy

You can find following screenshots :
? job Talend using bulk component :
o tpostgresqlOuputBulk : generate file
o tpostgresqlOuputBulkExec : integrate file
? properties of the component