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Postgres geometry datatype convert to Teradata?

I am trying to move geom data from a Postgres database table with a column of data type "geometry" column size "2147483647".
The destination Teradata database table has a CLOB column with a size of 2097088000.
My job:
tPostgresqlInput > tFileOutputDelimited > tFileInputDelimited > tMap > tTeradataOutput
The data gets dumped to the delimited file from Postgres successfully.
When the data is attempted to load into Teradata I get the error:
Exception in component tTeradataOutput_1 com.teradata.jdbc.jdbc_4.util.JDBCException: Parameter 14 length is 67380 bytes, which is greater than the maximum 64000 bytes that can be set.
Is the Talend tTeradataOutput component not able to handle data this large or am I doing something wrong?
Do I need to use the ST_GEOMETRY data type for my Teradata table column?
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Re: Postgres geometry datatype convert to Teradata?

The geometry data types are mostly not standardised and implemented in the vendor specific way. You have to convert the values from the PostgreSQL representation to the Teradata needed representation - unfortunately I have not done such work yet. 
Teradata also expects for such large values a BLOB data type. I guess this data type is not fully supported in Talend yet.
You could try to convert the String (as it is actually returned from the PostgreSQL db) with a java routine to a java.sql.Blob data type and send this to a Teradata schema column of type Object.