Place to Save Temp Files

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Place to Save Temp Files

Hey guys, I'm working a project, which downloads a file from a FTP server using tFTPGet, rearranges the columns, then uploads the new file to another FTP server. I want to export the job as a .jar and make it portable to any machine. However, I'm running into a problem because I don't know where to store the files that get pulled from the FTP server. Is there a way to direct tFTPGet to save the files in some sort of local working directory? If not are there any other viable solutions to this problem? 
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Re: Place to Save Temp Files

You can the files anywhere you want then delete them before your job finish.
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Re: Place to Save Temp Files

I'm able to save the files and then delete them when I'm done. However, my problem is where do I save them if I want to make my job fully portable on each machine? Not every machine I'll be running it on will have a /usr/UserName/Desktop/ProjectTempFile folder. I'm wanting to know how to save it in the directory that the .jar file resides when I build the project. 

Re: Place to Save Temp Files

Can you use a context variable to define your temp data directory path? Such as, context.REX_DIR_TempFileCache.
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Re: Place to Save Temp Files

I can define a context variable to store the location path where I want to save the file. However, what I'm wanting to know is if there is a way to store the file in the same location that the built Job is running from. Once that job moves around, the directory path is not the same and I want to see if there is a dynamic way for the job to know where it is running from. 
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Re: Place to Save Temp Files

hi all,
I guess you misunderstood the use of context varaibles.
Have a look at how you can specify a context variable with different value due to the environement you're running it.


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