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Pie chart



I have Talend open studio for Big Data 6.3 and i want to make Pie chart with a CSV file or a database.

any suggestion ?


Re: Pie chart

What are you using to create your Pie Chart?  Talend is an integration tool.  You need a graphical tool like Excel, Tableau etc  to generate your graph.  

You can use Talend to process your CSV file to clean up your data before you load the data into a reporting tool.

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Re: Pie chart

For a tight integration you can prepare your reports including charts with iReport then using tJasperOutput or tJasperReportExec, get the expected result in the desired format (Excel, PDF and so on).
Here is a link to the documentation https://www.google.fr/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://jan-lolling.de/talend/compone...

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Re: Pie chart

This is definitely not a Talend Tasks, but it could be resolved as suggested by @TRF, or I prefer use Talend with JasperReport Server this more flexible way, not depends from libraries and could run any type of reports


You can run tJasperServerExec component for this or use REST interface for do all by Your self




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