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Persistent Sequence Generation

Hi - I am looking for some component that can be shared across jobs while generating the next value of Sequence. 
I found the below link on help page. But this appears to be a non-persistent way which will increment everytime from the value set.
Below is my requirement.
I need to get the next value of sequence in parallel and use it in my jobs, while getting the next value i need to ensure that the value is not duplicated for different jobs and is always unique. The sequence is not per row but for Job.
Eg: While generating the Sequence in Parallel for 4 Jobs:
Job 1 - Sequence Value = 1
Job 2 - Sequence Value = 2
Job 3 - Sequence Value = 3
Job 4 - Sequence Value = 4
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Re: Persistent Sequence Generation

Does it have to be a sequence?
You could use UUID (String 36).
import java.util.UUID;
    public static String getUUID() {
    return UUID.randomUUID().toString();
if you need a sequence, you probably either have to externalise the generation to something like a database or use Talend's sequence method; but have to start passing initial values around your Jobs.
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Re: Persistent Sequence Generation

Hi - 
Unfortunately i cannot rely on the database as sequences are disabled. Is there anything similar to informatica sequence generator transformation we can use in talend to push the key generation with auto-increment by storing the last incremented value persistently within talend?
Thank you.