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Periodic Workspace save encountered a problem

Hi community.
Been using TOS DI for a while now, and today I had an issue with it.
I created a project, and somehow talend got hunged on it, so I had to force quit (I am using mac OS EL Capitan), when I re-opened the project was on the project list, but could not get it to open because it will again freeze, I could open any other project, so I decided to delete the project and re-create it.
So I re-created the project but gave it another name.
Everything works ok as far as talend, however like every 15-20 min I get a pop up that says:
'Periodic workspace save.' has encountered a problem. Could not write metadata for '/MY_OLD_PROJECT_NAME'.
The Details read:
Could not write metadata for '/MY_OLD_PROJECT_NAME'. /Applications/TOD-DI blah blah /workspace/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.core.resources/.projects/MY_OLD_PROJECT_NAME/.markers.snap (No such file or directory) 
Is super annoying...
Anybody can help me to "clean up" this metadata?
Thanks in advance.
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Re: Periodic Workspace save encountered a problem

I would check first if you are the owner of this file system.
I am using also the same OS and have no problems with Talend Studio (in various versions).
To clean up this I suggest you start with a brand new workspace and import the original files with the Item Import (Click right on the node Jon Design in the Repository view and choose Item Import -> choose from the damaged workspace the project folder in capital letters).
Could you check the log file in workspace/.metadata/.log what went wrong.
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Re: Periodic Workspace save encountered a problem

So... I made a backup of the projects, and I realize that I was using an old version, so I downloaded the newest and imported the projects and the annoying message is gone.
Thanks for your input jlolling