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Perform table diff

I need to do a table sync between tables (very large) on different systems (DB2 -> Oracle)
I am aware of the Change Data Capture feature however, I am trying to find alternatives to avoid the triggers on DB2.
One of the strategies I read online is to copy the data from source table to another table and do a diff on this table with the target table and apply the changes. How do we do a diff using Talend? Please feel free to share a strategy that works better than this.

Re: Perform table diff

Do you want to capture the changed data and only load these changed data into target table to achieve table sync ? If so, you can compare tables by using tMap.
The work flow should be: Target DB-->tMap(make inner join on your input and set the "Catch lookup inner join reject" as true)-->output
                                     Source DB-->
The output will be the changed data.
Feel free to let us know if it is Ok with you.
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