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Passing a value from a parent Job to a child Job

I have to design a Talend program with a Flat File input to an Oracle Database where I have a header record to store and 6-7 child records I need to store with Foreign key pointers in the header.  Am looking for a program flow and or video or steps how to do this - the more detailed the better as this will be my 1st real life Talend   How do I capture the Foregin keys and store them in the Header record?  Obviously I can't do a commit to the database until I have stored all the children records and updated the header record to avoid ophans - Have don this in other languages, just have no Idead how to get started in Talend


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Re: Passing a value from a parent Job to a child Job


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Re: Passing a value from a parent Job to a child Job

Thank you Sabrina -

This gives me a start - the State of RI decided to go with Talend after we came on board and no one knows it - I have been doing the videos & tutorial, but when we finally saw the Oracle database I realize we/I need a lot more guidance. I have a lot Informatica ETL experience, but nothing with Talend.  The User is sending a flat file and I have to Create the Header record and then the child records and update the Header with the pointers from these children record.  This gives me a start Much Kudos, I read the in MySQL you could capture the :Last Insenter Key, but not in Oracle - Is that so? The first project will be straight add of the New Header Vendor Records, & the child are Bank, Address Etc. Have a flow in my head but no Talend experience on how to do it.  Have written my  boss and said we need to get some help - Know of anyone in RI area