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Passing Parameters to Oozie Job Through tRestClient

Talend Community,
I am currently working on a project where we want to execute many oozie jobs from a talend job. We are able to deploy an oozie job that runs on a static context and it performs an action. However, what if I want to start an oozie job the the tRestClient by calling :
and posting to the above uri the following xml:
{path to deployed oozie job}
I know this works. I can start the oozie job through the tRestClient by posting the xml to the aforementioned uri.
What I don't know how to do is access additional variables in the posted configuration xml from the started job. Typically, these type of things can be done by writing custom coordinator/workflow oozie scripts, but I was looking for a way that is handled directly through talend methodologies and not require custom work.
Let's say I want to access a variable such as a String called, mediaId. And I will use that mediaId to inform the job where to look in order to complete it's task. Now, I can use the configuration xml to pass a property with name mediaId and a String value of let's say "1234". When I post this configuration and look at the oozie scheduler on cloudera I find that the oozie job was started and I can actually see the variable in the details. However, I just need to be able to access that from within the job.
Thoughts? Has anyone done this before?
James Gilchrist
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Re: Passing Parameters to Oozie Job Through tRestClient

I just verified that if I navigate to the workflow.xml in the directory where I deployed my oozie job and add a couple arguments:
where the configuration file posted through tRestClient contains the property
<property><name>input</name><value>input string</value></property>
then it will in fact pass in the variable dynamically and overwrite the default context parameter with the input variable.
However, this is not smooth. This would mean that a job would have to be deployed (would most likely fail or run incorrectly the first time on initial deployment) and then I would have to go manual change the workflow.xml. I don't want to do this. I would like it to build the workflow.xml for me in the right way.
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Re: Passing Parameters to Oozie Job Through tRestClient

Hi James,
I am trying to figure out how to execute Oozie work flow through Talend and found your post. I couldn't figure how to run the Oozie work flow in Talend.
Could you please explain in detail how you were able to run the Oozie workflow in Talend.
Thanks in advance,