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Passing MySQL Stored Procedure parameter value

Before I get too deep into troubleshooting this issue Smiley Happy
When you create a stored procedure in mysql and have a parameter to pass (a date for example), how
do you collect that parameter in TOS? In a software app I realize you'd collect the data value of an object and
pass it on the method call. How does TOS handle getting that parameter value from the user at runtime?
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Re: Passing MySQL Stored Procedure parameter value

1) use an TSO Input component where you need to define a schema; and define a schema according to the input structure in the input component..
2) use tMySqlSP component and connect to the already placed input component; and mention the stored procedure name needs to be called in the "SP Name" of tMySqlSP component apart from declaring the other database credentials.
3) select one or many defined field in the schema as parameter ( in the tMySqlSP component). select the type of parameter as Input/output etc. Define the stored procedure on the database also.
This is for calling a stored procedure from TSO job.
But your question looks like little different like calling TSO job from stored procedure. Is it this you need to do?
Hope it helps
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Pravu Mishra.